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What is the Marxism mailing list?

The Marxism list is a worldwide moderated forum for activists and scholars in the Marxist tradition who favor a non-sectarian and non-dogmatic approach. It puts a premium on independent thought and rigorous but civil debate. While it is a high-volume list, it has a very good "signal to noise" ratio. It is also globally representative, with subscribers from over 15 different countries. For an idea of the sort of discussion that takes place on the list, examine highlights to the immediate left, or review the historical archives.

A brief history of Marxmail can be read here.

IMPORTANT: One can read the current postings here, or you can also follow the list at the GMANE website here or at the Mail-archive here. Instructions on using google to search our archives is listed here.


Even if you do not decide to subscribe, we invite you to take advantage of the resources collected on these web pages.

There is an extensive collection of links, organized by topic.

Words of struggle contains passages from writings and speeches by great Marxist writers and revolutionary leaders, and other surprising sources.

If you want to look at facts and figures that indict capitalist society, go to Facts about the system. We also include self-incriminating words of the ruling class captured when their guard is down. The source for facts and quotes, in most cases, is the mainstream media itself.

Frequently asked questions about Marxism and socialism, and their answers, are a good place to go if you are a relative new-comer to these topics. Or if you need to have your memory refreshed.

Finally, we offer images of paintings and other works of art by people committed to social change in our Art Gallery.

--Louis Proyect, Moderator

(Louis Proyect's articles on a wide variety of subjects can be read here.)

Technical Notes for Posting to Marxmail--Important

Unlike other email lists, Marxmail has some rules that we are fairly strict about. Number one, you must post in plain text rather than styled text (i.e., html) since styled text, which allows you to use colored fonts, etc., imposes a heavy bandwidth overhead. Number two, if you are replying to a previous posting, you must clip all text that is not relevant to your reply. This also helps to restrict bandwidth to the exchange of useful information. Information on these and other posting rules can be found here. Our technical coordinator Les Schaffer is responsible for enforcing these rules and can be contacted at if you need assistance.

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